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Discover How Selling Your Business is the ULTIMATE Retirement Plan....
Wall Street Doesn’t Want You To Know This, And Your Financial Advisor Definitely Can’t Beat It!
Dear Reader,

I want to congratulate you on your investment, and thank you for your trust in me. 

The steps you are about to take could fast track your life to places you never thought possible. 

I also want to ask you a question: 
Did you know that you can tap into an almost “unused” strategy that could allow anyone to retire rich from simply starting a business? 
This 100% fully legal strategy could be your ticket to financial independence, once and for all, using an idea that goes back over 40 years… 

And with what’s called an “Exit Strategy”, this becomes extremely realistic. 

The best part is, the ROI is higher than every traditional retirement plan - COMBINED. 
On top of this….

What is the most profitable part of ANY business? 

Is it the sales process? 

The brand? 

The reputation? 

To the dismay of many business executives, none of these are it. 

Here’s the truth: 
The most profitable part of any business is when it is SOLD.
And your business doesn’t need to be profitable AT ALL in order for it to be sold for a huge gain.

A few short years ago, on April 9th, 2012... 

Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 Billion. 
Why this matters is at the time of the acquisition, Instagram had ZERO revenue.

All of a sudden, the original founders of Instagram became extremely wealthy overnight… 
Now in 2019, Instagram is estimated to be worth $100 Billion!

You simply don’t have to be profitable in order for your exit strategy to set you up for retirement. 

Just selling ONE business can catapult your finances higher than you ever thought imagined… 

On May 28th, 2014, Apple announced that it would be purchasing Beats Electronics for $3 Billion. 
Given that Dr. Dre, a famous hip-hop artist and large stakeholder in Beats Electronics, had a 15% ownership stake in the company…

He would become a billionaire as a result of the deal. 
In fact, he became the first billionaire in the hip-hip music industry as a result.
With the speed that so many entrepreneurs are becoming incredibly wealthy...

Selling a business could be the simplest wealth strategy available to you today. 

But what do all of these companies that were sold for gigantic profit all have in common, and why does this matter for your retirement? 

Here’s an important fact: 
The real purpose of starting most businesses is to sell them! 
Even if YOU don’t think your business is worth much on the surface…

You would be amazed to find out that someone else is willing to pay BIG MONEY for your exact business as is. 

Sometimes, there’s a bidding war! 

The key to this is analyzing what you have from a different perspective. 

To know exactly who you want to sell your company to, and exactly how to make what you have an “irresistible offer”. 

You might be asking yourself: 
“Tiz, how do YOU know all of this?”
You see, I’ve had first-hand experience with exit strategies and selling companies.

And the steps that these owners of large companies took are the same ones that I took myself to achieve similar results. 
Now that I’ve handed you 3 businesses that are ready to go…

You’ll want to know exactly how you can exit these businesses down the road for MASSIVE profit. 

And I’ll show you exactly how to do that. 
How Multiples Increase Income Potential Exponentially
Multiples are the ratio that companies are sold for in respect to their industry.

There are industries with 3X, 5X, even 10X and 20X multiples! 

This means, depending on what your business does… 

You could sell your business for 10 or 20 times the amount of revenue that it’s bringing in! 

And notice I said revenue, NOT profit. 

Investors are looking for businesses that show revenue that is consistently growing over a period of time… 

Even if you are showing break even profits! 

So let’s say that your business is breaking even. 

Hypothetically, in your business you are bringing in $1,000,000 revenue per year… 

But none of that is actual profit. 

An investor comes along and offers you $20,000,000 to sell your company to them. 

Which would you rather do? 

Wait for profit to start to come in? 

Or sell the company to the investor and cash out that $20 million right now? 

That’s the power of multiples when dealing with investors using the specific strategies that I am about to share with you. 

And to make this super simple to implement for my Lifetime Legacy Collection students… 

I’ve put together a very special class breaking all of that down that I’m calling: 
“The 7-Figure Exit Advisor”
There are really only 7 steps to a 7-Figure or more exit.

We’ll be going over each one in depth, here’s a taste of what you will experience: 
  •  How to set up your business for a 7-Figure exit from the beginning: If you don’t get this right, you risk putting in time and effort for a business is DOOMED to fail...
  •  The 3 SECRET numbers that buyers and investors care about: There are a few metrics that you need to put most, if not all of your focus into, I’ll reveal exactly what those are and how you can maximize them. (Master these, and you can ignore everything else)...
  • How and where to find the ideal buyer for your business: Including how to save thousands in broker fees… get this right and it can be worth 10X the price of this program ALONE. 
  •  The secret to getting the top price for your business: You’ll know everything your buyer wants to know going into negotiations, and exactly how to position your business as the best thing since sliced bread. Do this well, and you can almost GUARANTEE that your business will be the prize of a fierce bidding war.
So at this point you might be wondering… “I don’t even have a business yet…. Is this really for me?”
This is for you even if you don’t have an established business or are just starting out...
I’ll show you the steps to sell your business at the highest level that it is worth. 

Because even if you haven’t considered selling your business yet...

The simple fact is: 
You and your business WILL part ways at some point.
Why not position it to sell at TOP VALUE when that day comes?

This is something that is NEVER taught in today’s online world. 

And most entrepreneurs don't even think that selling their business is an option! 

But all entrepreneurs will at some point "exit" their business.  

So why not go through the process with maximum profitability in mind?   

By taking the steps that I will show you, you’ll not only set yourself up for retirement in the best way possible, you’ll be making your new businesses run better TODAY – which puts more money in your pocket NOW!  
There’s Just One More Thing I Haven’t Told You Until Right Now…
Considering the advanced intel you’ll be getting…

Considering that fact that if too many are attempting to sell their businesses, supply will exceed demand and the opportunity won't be as big anymore...

Investors would not pay as much knowing that there are hundreds of the same businesses out there.

Hence I simply can’t let in hundreds of students into this. 

So how do we combat that?

Given that you secured 1 of the 777 licenses to my 3 Done-For-You businesses… 

I’ve worked out something that I think you’re really going to like. 

This is what I’ve decided: 

Not only will I show you exactly how to differentiate yourself and make your businesses TRULY YOURS…

(So that nobody else can claim to have the same thing as you)... 
I am limiting this program to the first 49 who enroll
That way, the techniques and strategies stay private, and you will be able to MAXIMIZE the amount you can sell your business for. 

Here is some more good news: 

My business partners who I’ve built and sold companies with told me that I should charge upwards of $5,000 for this information.

(And it makes sense, it’s made us multiple-six, even seven figures this information is responsible for). 

But, because I want to get this info into your hands as affordably as possible… 

And the fact that this may be my last intake of students EVER... 

I’ve convinced them to allow me to lower the one-time enrollment fee to only $997 for motivated action-takers. 

That’s a $4,003 discount, just for taking action immediately. 

I believe The 7 Figure Exit Strategy Advisor… and my personal experience… can help my readers rapidly create true time, money and location independence for themselves and their families. 

Remember: Build and sell just one business and you could easily be a millionaire less than 12 months from now. 

(That’s the main drive behid me financially retiring by age 36.) 

And know for a fact several millionaire business owners will be born inside the group. 

I want you to have complete peace of mind when you pull the trigger and join us inside this 7 Figure Exit Strategy Advisor program.
A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity
For 49 Legacy Collection Owners Today…
To sum up: here’s everything you’ll receive with the 7 Figure Exit Strategy Advisor:
  •  The 7-Figure Exit Advisor Program
  •  Personal guidance on how to exit your business by myself personally, Tiz Gambacorta
  •  Never before released knowledge about successfully selling online businesses for the highest price and the most favorable terms
This Is Your Chance To Turn
Your New Online Business Into
The ULTIMATE Retirement Plan…
By now it’s clear that the majority of entrepreneurs don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to their business exit strategy…

You've seem examples from my personal experience and how much potential one single business could have financially for you… 

And you know now why I can only let in 49 of my readers today. 

This is your only chance to get personally mentored by me on how to cash out your new businesses. 

Remember: This won’t be a marathon we’re running together. 

The 7 Figure Exit Strategy Blueprint is a simple switch we’ll flip for you. 
You could be cashing out just a few weeks from now, the talk of your industry. 
Or you could be on the outside looking in. 

The choice is yours. 

To ensure that you don’t miss out on this massive opportunity, you simply must click the YES, GET ME STARTED button below and you'll be automatically charged just $997 once for this advanced, highly-exclusive Masterclass. 
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Tiz Gambacorta
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