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Tiz Gambacorta
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  • Full Rights to 32 Done For You Funnels proven to have generated multiple six figures in revenue over the last 12 months. When I share my special passcode with you, you log in just like how you would log into your email account and they will be ready waiting for you to use (friends and family will be stunned into silence thinking you’ve put in a ton of hard work to build multiple sophisticated sales funnels from scratch, instead of the few clicks of a mouse it will really take – shh, it’s our little secret).(VALUE: $32,000)
  • 47 High-Converting Done For You Sales Letters (incl. upsells/downsells). Save yourself the thousands of dollars it costs to get expert copywriters to do this for you and go spend that money on a 5* luxury holiday instead. And hey, with the thousands of dollars you’ve saved (47-times over), you can even pay for your significant other to vacation with you. (VALUE: $47,000)
  • Done For You Joint Venture Pages for each niche: Forex, Crypto and Internet Marketing. Get other people to promote your products for you (use the same kind of pages that James Altucher and Frank Kern use to generate millions of dollars in sales without having to do the work yourself). (VALUE, $3,000)
  • 82+ Done For You JV Affiliate Swipe Files – leverage these swipes to immediately step into the market looking like a BOSS with proven, optimised, high-converting emails that will make JV partners desperate to send people to your offers for free. (VALUE: $4,900)
  • Over 2,555 Email Swipe Files that you can simply copy/paste to start promoting affiliate products so easily that your audience will think you are the best thing that ever happened to them and see you as an expert in your field from the get go (WARNING: these emails could easily be used to manipulate people so please promise that you'll use them ethically). (VALUE: $25,000)
  • Access to All 28 Premium Products You will own every product that I have ever created. PERIOD! Instead of spending the next 8 years building these products from scratch like I did, you can take all that time, money and effort and put it towards something more enjoyable – fancy dinners with friends, wine tasting trips to Europe, helicopter rides over Las Vegas… and still have change left in your pocket to hit the Casinos. (VALUE: 28,000)
  • 600+ Automated Email Sequences and Campaigns to use, edit and customise to build powerful and beautiful relationships with your audience in addition to promoting products (set them up once and let them make sales for you while you tee up on the golf course) (VALUE: $60,000+)
  • Full Source Codes to 3 Strategy Session Landing Pages, Confirmation pages, and Funnels that I used to close clients between $3,000 and $12,000 in 45 minutes. If you want to be a coach or consultant, it is vital that you have this in your back pocket for a steady stream of paying clients who see you as the Yoda in your field and are willing to pay top dollar for your time and attention. (VALUE: $6,000)
  • Four 5-Figure Phone Call Closing Scripts I have been using over the last eight years to close clients at any of my $3,000, $10,000 and $12,000 per year coaching programs. (It's my secret weapon to eliminate first-time phone sales phobia and will showcase you to potential clients and customers alike as a confident communicator they will beg to listen to and learn from). (VALUE: $6,000)
  • Rights to 8 Webinar Series - open up powerpoint, start a screen recorder and read the scripts provided out loud as you flick through the slides. Boom, you have a webinar. Being recognised as an expert and helping others solve their problems just became easier than reading a bedtime story to a sleepy toddler. (1-2 hours to webinar ready) (Value $16,000)
  • My $3,000 and $12,000 Per Year Coaching Program (rights included). This includes the material, the progression path and the exact strategies are used to close the sale. These two programs alone are responsible for six figures in sales per year and what allowed me to reinvest those profits into property. This alone could allow you to reinvest those profits into other large value assets like real estate or stocks – this program is how I was able to include high-end London properties to my portfolio and how you could too. (VALUE: $50,000)
  • Full Email Copywriting Homestudy Course turn cold email subscribers into raving-fan customers with email marketing. You cannot get this course anywhere else other than on this page. Become part of a select group of people who are able to see what is inside this course – except you won’t have joined at the $1,997 price tag others had to pay to access it. (VALUE: $1,997)
  • Every Interview I Have Ever Done from social media influencers to some of the top names in the Internet marketing and self-help industries, including top of the league affiliate marketers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, CEOs, New York Times bestselling authors, and much more. Take inspiration and advice from some names you may recognise: John Cornetta (GrooveKart), Ty Cohen, Daven Michaels (123 Employee), John Michael, Jessen James, Ken Krell, Greg Cesar, John Newtson (Financial Marketing Summit), Ryan Hamada, Van Oakes, James Schramko (Super Fast Business), Alex Brown, Earnest Epps, Nick Kho (Real Social Dynamics), Jami Stout (Financial Marketing Summit), Paul Hoffmann, and many more. (VALUE: $10,000)
  • The Traffic Avalanche Blueprint I used to build a subscriber list of over 300,000 subscribers over the last 8 years so you can do the same. This includes free traffic methods, paid traffic methods plus underground social media marketing strategies, and much more. (Prepare to dominate your marketplace in a matter of weeks using just one of these methods) (VALUE: $12,000)
  • My Solo Ads Formula and Toolbox. My current personal Rolodex of contacts who have sent me the highest quality solo traffic this year to build a list who are engaged and ready to buy so you can go straight to the best sources. (Private information: do not share this with anyone) (VALUE: $9,000)
  • Live Event Sales Copy, Webinars and Phone Scripts In a time where people struggle to even fill a free event, you will get every single nook, cranny, bell and whistle that I used to SELL-OUT in my last 3 live paid events which were ran both in the UK and the US (When my insurance company was telling me they wouldn’t cover my heart surgery, I pulled these bad boys out the drawer. It gave me a quick and substantial cash injection to cover me just in case I would need to pay out extremely large and unexpected medical expenses.) (VALUE: $50,000)
  • Word by Word Training Slide Decks for the content I delivered over my three-day masterminds. Get ready to catapult yourself, your business to celebrity status as these apparently very "simple" live training sessions have been responsible for people buying high ticket coaching packages up to $50,000 a year. (VALUE: $50,000)
  • Case Studies of How I Routinely Close $50,000 a Year Clients. I have spent tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn from and consult with the top experts in the industry to come up with this blueprint. These case study blueprints can literally alter the course of your business and transform you into an elite brand or persona that potential clients demand to be associated with (even if you charge MORE than your competitors). (Value $100,000+)
The Collection includes all of the above (and more) for THREE businesses.

- One in the Internet Marketing niche
- One in the Forex Investing niche
- One in the Cryptocurrency niche

It's the 3 businesses that I have been working tirelessly on for the last 8 years that allowed me to travel the world and buy a bunch of real estate at the same time.
Tiz Gambacorta
Co-Founder, 8020 Research
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